Lijnders happy to leave Liverpool This is the team I love.

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Pep Lijnders, assistant manager of Liverpool Opening up about his feelings in leaving the club After working in Anfield for 10 years,

Lijnders is another important personnel that the “Reds” will lose from the team after the current season ends. The 41-year-old Dutch coach has a new job taking the reins of RB Salzburg next season.

He gave an interview with สมัคร ufabet  “Having to say goodbye to the people at the club, this has been 10 years of my life,

” he said.

hair I feel grateful Feeling specially blessed This is the club I love.”

“I wouldn’t want things to be any different from how they happened. Losing the finals one year And the following year we won the championship. We have created many special games together. It’s a very strange feeling.

“Saturday is our last day at the AXA training center. Sunday we go to Anfield. The last three weeks have been the first time I’ve felt peace. There’s no pressure.”

“We finished 3rd. There’s no finals to play anymore. So I’m absorbing everything. I’m watching the last game on Sunday.”

On his relationship with Jurgen Klopp, Lijnders said:

“I will be grateful to him. always go Where would I be without him, right? He brought me back to take over.”

“Our friendship is very big. Our commitment is even bigger. And Our loyalty is enormous. “Together we are strong.

The only promise is that he will always be there for many years to come. He means a lot to me.”