Chelsea no longer have right summon “Lukaku” for a comeback

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Chelsea no longer have the right to summon “Lukaku” for a comeback after facing problems with the offensive line’s poor form.

• Lukaku joins Chelsea for 113 million euros

• The player has a contract with Chelsea until mid-2026.

Chelsea will not be able to recall Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku to work with them during the January transfer window. Because it is not in the team’s management plan. And there are no conditions herein in the contract according to โปรโมชั่น ufabet

The 30-year-old striker has shown outstanding performance, scoring 11 goals with Roma on a season-long loan deal. And it is a return to work with Jose Mourinho, the Portuguese boss once again, while Chelsea, the real agency. Still having problems with goals. When they are extremely lacking in strikers this season And it is part of why they are stuck in 12th place in the Premier League table.

However Chelsea and Roma have not signed a recall clause in the loan contract. 

And that means Chelsea will have to look for alternatives in the January transfer market. If they will strengthen the team, while Lukaku himself has always made it clear that he has no desire to return to playing football in England again. and is expected to make his €113m signing with Chelsea Two years ago it would turn out one of the most failed signings of all time. When a player plays with a team for only one season

Mauricio Pochettino, Chelsea’s boss Came out in an interview after the 2-0 defeat to Everton that the team needed the number of goals to have a chance of being the winner in each game, which is something they lacked during this time. They have lost 7 of their 16 games in the Premier League.

“Football is about scoring goals. And we didn’t have the depth in front of goal. I’m very disappointed about that. We didn’t get the points we deserved. I think we’re better than this. We were better than this But we didn’t get it the way we wanted. It’s a game we have to play and win. It’s a problem that we need to go back and evaluate. and will have to improve in the upcoming trading market.”