‘Benitez’ warns Slot ‘Liverpool’ hope to win every match.

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Legendary manager Rafael Benitez advises Arne Slot to be himself while managing Liverpool and should understand the expectation that the team must win every match.

“Reds” announced the appointment of Slot to manage the team instead. Jurgen Klopp and Benitez have worked together before. Written in a column for The http://ufabet999.app about the head coach from Feyenoord:

“The most important piece of advice I have for Slot or any manager is… That is, he has to be himself. Ready to understand club culture and the city where you work.”

“It doesn’t matter what you think you know. He has to learn quickly what it means to be a Liverpool manager.”

“You are expected to win every game. And if successful with good playing form There will still be expectations to win with a difference of 3 goals.”

Benitez worked at Anfield between 2004-2010, winning the Champions League and FA Cup 1 time each. In the league, he is the best. Reached runner-up

“Taking over from Jurgen Klopp is not easy. But the most important question for the new manager is the quality and tactical adaptability of the players,” the Spaniard said. Which at the beginning of the year just made Celta Vigo sink to the bottom of the league table in their hometown until they were released, continued,

“If the team is already good, You may not have to do much in the marketplace. But if it’s a team that’s fading It’s always different. The first few signings are always very important. You have to get it right right away.”

“Adaptation is important. The same holds true for the principles you believe in. My first season There is a lot of debate. About protecting corner kicks with zone control.”

“But we know it’s the right idea. And just wanted a different player. We added a target striker who was good at defending corner kicks like Peter Crouch and changed goalkeeper to Pepe Reina. The following year we conceded the fewest goals from corner kicks in the league

. It surely builds confidence. I struggled in the first season in the Premier League but did well in the League Cup and European football, which was important because it allowed the fans to see the progress.”