What is Sic Bo?

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Get to know the basics of Sic Bo and what this game looks like. Especially for new players who may already know Fantan or Crap. But have never really experienced or tried playing Sic Bo. This section of information will give you an overview of how to play this game. even more

Sic Bo uses 3 dice to play.

3 dice are packed in a transparent cover. And there is a dealer who shakes the cover to randomly score the results UFABET 

The player predicts the outcome of the three dice.

The objective of the game is Players must predict the outcome of the dice that will be drawn in that round.

How to play Hi-Lo online

Hi-Lo Online is a game that has develop from playing in a casino. come in digital format which can reduce access limits and increase the convenience for players. By the way of playing dice online, it still retains the same characteristics in almost all respects.

6 Sic Bo betting styles

Players can choose to bet on the outcome of the dice. With a total of 6 types of bets to choose from.

The main purpose of playing.

The player’s mission in the online Sic Bo game is that the player must correctly predict. The results of the three dice in order to win. In choosing to bet, it must be under the specified format only.