Betting styles and Sic Bo games payout rates.

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There are many types of bets in Sic Bo games. In which we will pick the most popular betting styles and consider. It as the type of betting that has the highest chance of winning to present to players to know and use together. With the distribution of pay rates in the form of a table as follows:

High and Low Bets (Small and Big Bets)

Gambling Small and Big really means Betting on whether the outcome of the dice will come out high or low. For choosing Small, it means betting low that the dice sum is 4-10 points, while betting Big or betting that the high score means predicting that the dice sum will come out at 11-17 points. This bet is 1:1, has a winning chance of about 48.61% and has a typical house edge of *2.78% (*depending on the individual dealer).UFABET 

Even and Odd Bets

Same concept with high and low betting. by betting even or odd It is the player who predicts that the sum of all 3 dice will come out as an odd number (Odd number) or an even number (Even number), with the exception of not winning. If 3 dice come out on the same face. For example, guessing odd. But 5 dice come out, all 3 balls are considered not winning, etc. For the payout rate is 1: 1, the chance of winning is 48.61% and the dealer has the same advantage as gambling. Sic Bo games style, that is *2.78%