The secret to “losing weight” is not just “eat less – exercise” to see results.

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The secret to “losing weight” is not just “eat less – exercise” to see results.

It’s not just about eating less. and exercise only If you want to lose weight effectively and quickly, there are some additional tips. That I would like to recommend you to try together.

Many people may think that losing weight or losing weight. Can done simply by eating less food. and exercise regularly. But actually there are a few more tips. That will help make losing weight easier (a little) and see results faster. Report from

Secrets to losing weight that you may not know

  1. Reduce salt intake

    even though you are already eating less food. But if you still eat spicy food Especially the salty taste. It’s also more difficult to lose weight. Because sodium makes the body swollen. Sodium accumulated in the body more than necessary in the amount of 400 milligrams, resulting in an increase of almost 1 kilogram of body weight. Therefore, anyone who intends to lose weight by eating papaya salad, crab, fermented fish, various salads, please be careful with the seasoning. Also, eating too much                 
    salt can increase your levels of ghrelin (a hunger hormone), which can increase your appetite.
    I would recommend reducing the seasoning of food. It’s not just salty, it’s also sweet (sugar) and oily (from bad fats).
  2. Focus on good protein, good fats, complex starches, and high dietary fiber.

    Weight loss period In addition to limiting the amount of food eaten You should focus on good protein foods. They are high in fiber (less animal fats such as chicken breast, egg whites, skinned fish, nuts), healthy fats (olive oil, avocados), complex starches (brown rice, whole wheat bread) and high fiber (grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, raw). Separate the pulp) and don’t forget that you have to eat all 5 food groups with every meal.
  3. Eat meals on time

    I want you to forget about dividing your meals into several meals to keep your stomach full all the time. It will have a more beneficial effect on the body. Including the weight loss period. Therefore, eat on time. No small meals, snacks, brunch or late night meals will help you lose weight better.
  4. Exercise including cardio and weight training

    Many people who are trying to lose weight do a lot of running, cycling, swimming, or aerobics. which effectively burns off the body’s excess energy But in fact, if you want to exercise with cardio effectively. Can burn more energy Even though it takes the same amount of time Weight training must be exercised together as well. To strengthen the muscles Able to do better cardio, such as strong leg muscles and a strong heart, you will be able to run longer, bike, swim, or do aerobics for longer.