7 behaviors of women that tend to wrinkle their skin

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Girls, have you ever wondered if Young age, but why is the skin so wrinkle that it’s shocking? Today we will invite the girls. come to know the behavior that contributes to skin wrinkles It is also a behavior that is at risk of causing various diseases as well. Let’s see what behaviors that make the skin of women wrinkle easily and the risk of disease is very high. สมัคร ufabet

1. Eat unhealthy food
Started by eating unhealthy food. Because this is a behavior that many women tend to do on a regular basis. Because unhealthy food often tastes delicious. and not bored eating But do you know that eating food that is not useful? will adversely affect the body especially to reduce metabolism raise sodium levels increased cholesterol, weight gain, and are also prone to diabetes and obesity Among the foods contributing to wrinkled skin are fats, carbohydrates, red meat, margarine, processed foods and white bread, all of which cause inflammation in the body. and also makes girls It’s also premature.

2. Smoking.
Smoking contributes to premature aging. And also lead to many diseases. In addition, smoking also causes the body to face negative effects. Especially deterioration and wear and tear of various organs, causing cancer, heart disease and also increasing the aging of the skin. More importantly, smoking can also lead to wrinkles, dark spots and other signs of aging. followed as well

3. Drink alcohol
Drinking alcohol has a negative effect on the body, not different from smoking, which drinking alcohol contributes to rapid skin aging. and adversely affect the functioning of various organs even affecting blood sugar levels weight gain The risk of liver disease, cancer, heart disease and stroke.

4. Long exposure to the sun
Long exposure to the sun contributing to premature aging Including causing worse skin problems Especially making the skin wrinkled and look older than the age. In addition, sunlight is associated with a very high risk of skin cancer, so women must keep wearing sunscreen every day. To prevent the skin from direct exposure to the sun itself.

5. Not exercising.
Girls must always remember that during the age of 20-30 years, the body will have low flexibility. Therefore, if not exercising, it will cause joint pain or muscle pain easily. While exercise helps to relax muscles and joints as well. Therefore, it is advisable to keep exercising to avoid wrinkled skin problems. and many other diseases

6. Always stressed
When the body is stressed will cause the hormone cortisol to be released That causes the decomposition of collagen. As well as leading to sagging skin problems, wrinkles and causing skin inflammation. It also makes the skin look older than its age.

7. Not getting enough sleep
insufficient sleep behavior It also contributes to the wrinkled skin easily as well. It also affects the risk of many diseases due to insufficient sleep. Will contribute to the interference of new skin cells. And that makes the skin of girls look old fast because at night. Our skin will enter a new cell renewal state. as well as rejuvenating the skin If you do not sleep during the night It will inevitably cause the body to renew skin cells or skin recovery is not good enough.

Any young woman who is wondering why their own skin is wrinkled Even though it’s just not very old It is advisable to try to observe their own daily behavior and see that in the 7 items we mentioned above. What are some of the things that match the behavior of girls?