5 steps to “stop bleeding” correctly

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5 steps to “stop bleeding” correctly

in emergency situations Proper hemostasis is very important. Help reduce organ loss. and reduce the risk of death

For those facing emergency situations or in the midst of a violent event The first thing to do is to be mindful and assess the situation. Then he helped stop the bleeding. To reduce organ loss And reduce the risk of death from excessive blood loss. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Correct way to stop bleeding

  1. Find the spot where the bleeding is located. and evaluate how many levels of selection
  2. If the wound is small The blood has stopped. Rinse with clean water. Pat dry with a clean cloth. and apply disinfectant
  3. If the wound is torn There was a fair amount of blood. Stop the bleeding by using a clean cloth and pressing directly on the wound. Use your hand to press still. In the area where the blood was always bleeding. A period of approximately 5 minutes will cause blood vessels to contract. and can stop the bleeding Use pressure like you’re trying to press to the bone. And while applying pressure to the wound, absolutely do not pry it open to look. Because it may cause the blood clot to break. Blood can stop and flow slowly. Keep pressure on the wound until the blood stops seeping onto the cloth. If you choose, it hasn’t stopped flowing. Still continuously seeping out Find another clean cloth and press it against the original cloth. without having to remove the original cloth Then continue applying pressure to the wound. If the blood has stopped You can find an elastic bandage to tie it to prevent the wound from bleeding again.
  4. If the injured person has a large wound with a lot of bleeding, use a clean cloth to compress that area. And use your hand to press down again to stop the bleeding.
  5. If it’s a wound that bleeds a lot May use the method of tightening by finding a soft cloth or rope Tie it about 1 palm above the wound using a pen or a stick with a hard and durable steel handle. Inserted into the cloth Then turn it tight until the bleeding stops. Lock the position so that the fabric doesn’t come off. Don’t forget to write down the time at what time the crowing begins. It will be helpful to the patient when going to the hospital. and do not loosen the cloth that has been tightened by itself Have the doctor undress in the operating room. But this method, if done incorrectly, may be harmful to the patient. Therefore, it is best to call officials to help via the hotline number 1669.

Using cloth or other equipment to stop the bleeding must clean

Enough to not cause the wound to become infected later. Preparedness for unexpected situations considered to be close if we know how to give first aid and do not make the right choice It will increase your chances of surviving.